Avorak to Power Through Fear of Multichain CEO Custody

• Multichain, a prominent crypto platform, has been in the spotlight as its CEO is now in the custody of the Chinese government.
• This news has caused fear in the market, but new projects like Avorak are still set to dominate the market.
• Avorak is an established decentralized crypto platform utilizing AI to deliver unique services to investors.

What is Multichain?

Multichain is a unique blockchain network that provides a specific solution to businesses targeting the creation of their blockchains. The platform aims to enable blockchain technology applications in business enterprises of all sizes. Its user-friendly interface allows users to access customizable features that favor their specific business by tailoring blockchain networks.

News Surrounding Multichain CEO

Recently, several of Multichain’s executives were arrested in China, among them Zhaojun, its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This resulted in halting cross-chain services offered by the platform and $1.5 billion worth of smart contract funds were confiscated by the Chinese government.

Avorak Will Power Through Fear

Avorak is a decentralized crypto platform utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver unique services such as faster and cheaper transactions within its network and integration with other digital assets through its Avorak Trade features for automated trading. It offers investors emotionless trading, making it a great addition to the financial industry and piquing investor interest overall.

Fear Amongst Investors

The news surrounding Multichain has left many investors worried about its future and reliability of crypto as an asset class moving forward; however, projects like Avorak are still set on dominating the market despite this underlying news around Multichain’s CEO being held in custody by Chinese authorities.


Despite the news regarding Multichain’s CEO being held in Chinese custody resulting in fear among investors for both MultiChain’s future as well as crypto’s reliability moving forward; projects like Avorak are still committed on dominating the market with real-world utility that can be vastly applied across various sectors – calming any storm around MultiChain and emerging at the top of this competitive space overall.