Rise of the Dapps – seven decentralized apps on Ethereum Blockchain

Imagine a company or service that is not controlled by a person, a board of directors or any other group whatsoever. This is to be achieved through smart contracts and Dapps.

Decentralized applications – Dapps in new German – is one of the newer ideas of the blockchain community

With the help of autonomously working programs stored in the blockchain, so-called smart contracts, proponents of this technology have developed a vision of a world in which everything that is needed for central management is controlled by intelligent contracts in the blockchain.

Bitcoin can be seen as the first dapp; the protocol is open source, rewards those who stand up for Bitcoin, needs no central authority and uses the blockchain to provide an online currency to the world.

These principles are now being used by visionaries for various online services in the form of different dapps. Even though this is a new field, the number of Dapps is increasing and many already exist in different phases of the development process.

Ethereum’s decentralized blockchain and its internal currency ether are the tools of choice for Dapp implementation. The Ethereum network has been created especially for this purpose and the Ethereum Foundation regularly organizes hackathons to promote decentralized applications.

All well and good – but what can you do with a Dapp? Here some use cases are discussed, which use the Ethereum Blockchain.

Dapps as an enrichment of the internet

The Vevue project promises to „bring Google Streetview to life“. Users are invited to share short video clips of restaurants, hotels, places, events and much more with users from all over the world.

The user does not need more than a smartphone and can earn equity by processing requests from the community Bitcoin and even Veuve. With the help of a Google Chrome extension, these „Veuves“ are also accessible via google maps.

An app called „Make Videos, earn Bitcoin“ is already available in the Google Play Store – even if it only does justice to the first half of the name and you can’t earn a Bitcoin.

Create worlds through Dapps in Etheria
Etheria is a sandbox game that strongly reminds of Minecraft: Players can buy certain tiles, create blocks from them and finally build things with them.

According to the project website the whole world as well as the interactions of the players are stored in the Ethereum Blockchain.

Until now, all virtual worlds were controlled by a central entity. In Etheria, however, all aspects of the world will be subject to a consensus of all those participating in the world.

This means that Etheria cannot be censored or put offline by anyone, neither by a government nor by players, nor by the „fivedogit“, the developer – Etheria will exist as long as Ethereum exists.