Shibarium: Uniting Religions To Combat Oppressive Systems

• The lead developer of Shiba Inu has called on members of all religious groups to come together and embrace Shibarium and all its gifts.
• The core values of Shibarium consist of a constant Shiba Inu burn on every Shibarium project, donations to nonprofit organizations, and support for the larger community.
• All religions are welcome, from Atheists to Luciferians, in order to collectively preserve righteousness in the world by standing up against corrupt leaders.

Shibarium Developed To Benefit Billion-Dollar Companies & Retail Investors

The lead developer of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, has announced the launch of Shibarium – a L2 scaling solution that offers massive potential for both billion-dollar companies and retail investors alike. Kusama believes that with this new platform, individuals can walk away from oppressive systems and work together toward a better world with their combined skills, experiences and vision.

Core Values Of Shibarium

The core values behind Shibarium involve a constant Shiba Inu burn on each project as well as donations towards non-profit organizations for the larger community’s benefit. Additionally, profits will be donated to the Shib Doggy DAO Foundation which will dictate how best assets in the DAO can be used.

Shibarium Welcomes Members Of All Religions

In his call for unification during the testing period for Shibarium’s Beta version, Kusama urged projects, companies and entities to understand and accept the values held by the team and its community. He also extended an invitation to all religions – from Atheists to Luciferians – joining forces in order to preserve righteousness in our world through standing up against corrupt leaders.

DOOR Approach To Combat FUD

To protect itself against FUD (fear uncertainty doubt), Kusama proposed taking a DOOR (do our own research) approach while simultaneously teaching about new projects. This means that instead of relying on third party sources or speculation when researching new investments or platforms, it is important to conduct independent research instead so one can make informed decisions.


Kusama concluded that with this new platform we are able to turn tides without waging war – an opportunity we cannot pass up if we wish to achieve true equality across nations around the world. With this newfound ability comes responsibility: responsibility towards collective preservation of what we believe is right through speaking up against those who oppress us and uniting against injustice globally