You are using an AI for your Cryptoradar – how does the AI manage to capture the mood on the market?

Sowa Labs comes from Predictive Data Analytics. For years we have been dealing with data and text mining as well as self-learning systems. Our specially created AI examines almost two million tweets every day for the Cryptoradar. These are then filtered and processed according to various criteria. At the end of the day, around 250,000 tweets remain, from which we calculate buzz and sentiment indicators. Our systems actually read each of these tweets and evaluate it positively, negatively or neutrally in relation to the respective crypto currency. This shows a certain market sentiment. Twitter is particularly well suited as an information medium for the cryptographic market, where almost all relevant information is shared within seconds.

„BISON will comply with all laws and obligations applicable in Germany“.

What are the biggest challenges in the development of the Bitcoin profit?

With BISON, we want to offer a Bitcoin profit app that works simply, safely and reliably. If the customer no longer has any complicated technical hurdles, we have to overcome them accordingly. This doesn’t always make development easy, for example with a view to safe storage for the customer. More about it:

The fact that we are launching the app on the German market is also not trivial: BISON will comply with all laws and obligations applicable in Germany in order to offer the customer maximum security and reliability.

Do you already have plans as to what will happen after the Bitcoin profit in September?

In any case! Bitcoin profit will develop continuously. On the one hand, we want to expand the universe of tradable crypto currencies like this: This is not easy because you have to consider the technology behind each currency for safekeeping. We also plan to launch BISON in other European countries. In addition to German-speaking countries, we find Scandinavia and the Benelux countries exciting. Last but not least, we are permanently expanding the features in BISON. We absolutely want to provide our customers with even more decision support when investing in crypto currencies, for example with well-prepared information and suitable alerting.